Friday, November 30, 2012

Mine ♥

Finally! For the first time with all four children, my very own family photo session! Even better, a FALL family photo session....I'm in Heaven! It only took two hours, two locations, a lot of bribing, a little bit of yelling, and my sister, Louise, to make it happen :)

Introducing, my crazy bunch...

(Click on the first picture to scroll through the whole set one by one)

Check out Micah, on the far right...!
I had this one made an 8x10 ☺

I ♥ sunflare!

Micah has an evil smile and Ben looks all GQ, lol.

Daddy tying shoes

My big 11 year old!

Play time

Handsome fellas!

So serious!

They almost never smile at the same time!

~ Family ~

My ♥ just grew three sizes!

Minus Ethan's face...

AND...the craziness began

We're getting to old for this one!

If you can't beat 'em....

Monkeying around

In his element

My favorite 7 year old ☺
My favorite 6 year old!

God's perfect photography studio!

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